03-04 Jr. High

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Oak Glen Middle School



Bryce Rush  Triadelphia



Congratulations Ohio Valley Jr. High State Placers:

138 Kirk Wetherell Cambridge 3rd

90 Paul Rose Cambridge 3rd

176 Derick Hesson Caldwell 5th

126 Bryan Skoff Bellaire St. Johns 6th

 126 Andy Stine Springfield (Edison) 8th

116 Chase Tucker Martins Ferry 2nd (Yes another Tucker lol)

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Ohio Junior High State Championships


2003 Shadyside Jr. High School Invitational

139.00 Martins Ferry

132.00 Shadyside

105.00 Caldwell

104.00 East Liverpool

77.50 Wellsburg

76.00 Beallsville

75.00 Bellaire

42.00 Barnesville

49.00 Indian Creek

38.00 East Liverpool una.

31.00 Monroe Central

20.00 Martins Ferry una.

19.00 Indian Creek una.

13.00 River

11.00 Caldwell una.


Championship Finals

80 - Brian Crozier (Shad) d Zach Porter (Bell)  4-3

86 - Johnny Merryman (Shad) d Jared Border (Cald) 4-2

92 - Jimmy Riesz (Beal) MD Eric Canter (Bell) 12-4

98 - Mike Shreve (MF) MD Jed Marling (Beal) 13-0

104 - Jim McFarland (Well) d Michael Emery (IC) 11-4

110 - Derrick Holt (MF) Fall John Weekly (MF una.)

116 - Chase Tucker (MF) MD Derek Porter (Bell) 9-0

122 - Mike Russell (MC) Fall Nathan Abbott (Cald)

128 - Justin Clendenin (Shad) Fall Matt Shreve (MF)

142 - Devon Ludwig (EL) MD Jonathan Boggs (MF) 16-8

150 - Dennie Ours (EL) Fall Jerry Kahl (SHS)

160 - Jeremie Brown (Cald) Fall Tommy Schenkel (Cald una.)

172 - Derick Hesson (Cald) Fall George Ruckman (Beal)

230 - Brant Powell (Barn) Fall Bobby Ross (EL una.)

3rd Place Finals

80 - Wyatt Duffield (EL) Fall Aaron Hartley (Well)

86 - Bruce Yost (Well) Fall Zach Weyand (EL)

92 - Taylor Yoder (MF) Fall Jordan Medley (IC)

98 - Kyle Faykus (Bell) d Joe Coil (EL) 5-4

104 - Justin Nieman (MF) Fall Timmy Jones (Beal)

110 - Charlie Taylor (Well) Fall Zach Klug (SHS)

116 - Lamar Dowling (Cald) Fall Kevin Stoney (Beal)

122 - Josh Bell (MF) d Tim Oldfield (River) 5-1

128 - Brandon Schulte (IC) Fall Joey Bradshaw (Well)

142 - Wyatt Messerly (IC) Fall Jim Manning (Bell)

150 - Schuylar Bondy (MC) Fall John Boney (Cald)

160 - David Evans (EL) Fall Adam Provenzano (Well)

172 - Curtis Webb (EL) Fall Mandy Hepburn (Bell)

230 - Jeff Campbell (Shad) Fall Drake Kowcheck (Well)

Tie for Tournament MVP

Jim McFarland (Wellsburg), Johnny Merryman (Shadyside), Jim Reisz (Beallsville)

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