2005 OVAC vs MAC

MAC 41    OVAC 18


MAC MVP Damian Rose (Freedom)

Career Record 147-22

State Champion/ 5th Placewinner

Regional Champion/ 2 Time WPIAL Champion

4 Time Sectional/MAC Champion


OVAC MVP Tim Cumpston (Cameron)

Career Record 135-39

State Champion/Runner Up

Regional Champion

2 Time OVAC Placewinner


103: Brian Daugherty (Laurel) d Marvin Benson (Meadowbrook) 8-4

112: Adam Smetana (Mars) MD Anthony Duffield (East Liverpool) 13-3

119: Tim Cumpston (Cameron) d Donnie Lambert (Blackhawk) 10-4

125: Brandon Miller (Oak Glen) Fall Bryan Gleason (Ambridge) 4:44

130: Mark Roney (Avonworth) d Jarrod Shaw (Brooke) 6-4 OT

135: Josh Smitsky (South Side) d Luke Hoppel (Beaver Local) 7-4

140: Damian Rose (Freedom) MD Shawn Dunn (Beaver Local) 21-8

145: Robin McCabe (Freedom) Fall Brandon McCort (Bellaire) 0:15

152: Tyler Patterson (South Side) Fall Dustin Richey (John Marshall) 5:38

160: Corey Checkan (South Side) d Dana Davis (Brooke) 6-4

171: Mitch Costa (Edison) d T.J. Pringle (Ambridge) 1-0

189: Chas Yoder (Martins Ferry) Fall Cole McDanel (Blackhawk) 4:37

215: Nick Hursky (Chartiers Valley) d Cody Potts (Oak Glen) 3-2

275: Kevin Hartung (South Side) Fall Wesley Haslam (River) 3:27

Final Score  -  MAC 41    OVAC  18            2005 Clash of Champions   OW - Rose(MAC), Cumpston(OVAC)
Brian Daugherty     Marvin Benson     Robin McCabe     Brandon McCort  
  Laurel HS       Meadowbrook HS     Freedom HS     Bellaire HS
26-7 Career rec 70-40 103 32-10       29-19 Career Rec 63-49 145    
Section Placewinner   Daugherty State Placewinner     WPIAL Placewinner   McCabe    
4 time MAC Placewinner dec District Runner UP     2 time Section Placewinner Fall    
      8-4 Section Champ     2 time MAC Placewinner 0:15      
Adam Smetana     Anthony Duffield     Tyler Patterson     Dustin Richey  
  Mars HS       East Liverpool HS     South Side HS     John Marshall HS
36-6 Career Rec 90-13 112 43-5 Career Rec  135-23   31-12 Career rec 96-51 152 41-1 Career Rec  114-10
State Qualifier   Smetana 3 time State Qualifier     State Qualifier   Patterson 3 time State Champ  
2 time Section Champ maj dec 4 time Section/District Medalist   2 Time MAC Champ   Fall 3 time Regional Finalist
3 time MAC Champ   13-3 4 time OVAC Placewinner   Section Champ   5:38 OVAC Champion  
Donnie Lambert     Tim Cumpston     Corey Checkan     Dana Davis  
  Blackhawk HS     Cameron HS     South Side HS     Brooke HS
13-5 Career Rec 50-24 119 43-5 Career Rec  135-39   43-4 Career Rec 127-38 160    
3 time Section Runner UP Cumpston State Champ/Runner UP   State placewinner 3rd / 4th Checkan 2 time State Placewinner
MAC Champion   dec Regional Champ     Regional/WPIAL Champ dec 3 time Regional Placewinner
      10-4 2 time OVAC Placewinner   2 time Section/MAC Champ 6-4 3 time OVAC Placewinner
Bryan Gleason     Brandon Miller     TJ Pringle     Mitch Costa  
  Ambridge HS     Oak Glen HS     Ambridge HS     Edison HS
20-14 Career Rec 65-42 125 41-3 Career Rec  110-21   30-6 Career Rec 97-22 171 38-1 Career Rec  103-34
MAC Champion   Miller State Runner UP/Champ   3 time Section Finalist Costa District Placewinner  
      Fall 2 time Regional Champ   2 time MAC Champion dec Section Champion  
      4:44 3 time OVAC Placewinner         1-0 OVAC Champion  
Mark Roney     Jarrod Shaw     Cole McDanel     Chas Yoder  
  Avonworth HS     Brooke HS     Blackhawk HS     Martins Ferry HS
28-9 Career Rec 92-42 130 43-7 Career Rec  118-18   23-8 Career Rec 40-31 189 38-1 Career Rec  120-25
3 time section Placewinner Roney State Placewinner     MAC Champion   Yoder State Runner UP  
      dec 2 time Regional Placewinner         Fall 2 time District & Section Champ
      6-4 OT 3 time OVAC Placewinner         4:37 2 time OVAC Champ  
Josh Smitsky     Luke Hoppel     Nick Hursky     Cody Potts  
  South Side HS     Beaver Local HS     Chartiers Valley HS     Oak Glen HS
35-10 Career Rec 68-24 135 32-11       43-4 Career Rec 112-25 215 43-0 Career Rec  112-5
MAC Champion/Runner Up Smitsky 2 time District Placewinner   2 time State Placewinner Hursky 2 time State Champ  
2 time section Champ dec Section Champ     2 time WPIAL Runner UP dec 2 time Regional Champ
      7-4 4 time OVAC Placewinner   3 time Section Champ 3-2 2 time OVAC Champ  
Damian Rose     Shawn Dunn     Kevin Hartung     Wesley Haslam  
  Freedom HS     Beaver Local HS     South Side HS     River HS  
41-4 Career Rec 140 37-9 Career Rec  111-46   41-7 Career Rec 87-24 275 44-4 Career Rec 148-42
State Champ / 5th Placewinner Rose State Qualifier     State Qualifier   Hartung State Placewinner  
Regional Champ/2 time WPIAL Champ maj dec 3 time District & Section Placewinner   Section Champ   Fall 2 time Section Runner UP
4 time Section/MAC Champ 21-8 2 time OVAC Placewinner   2 time MAC Champ   3:27 3 time OVAC Placewinner
MAC COACHES John Rosa, Freedom High School     OVAC COACHES Larry Shaw, Oak Glen High School  
Andy Phipps, Freedom High School     Gene Monteleone, Wheeling Park High School
Dalton Summers, Caldwell High School  
Jim Potts, Cameron High School  


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