"The Tri-State Clash of Champions" was a jointly conceived by former East Liverpool wrestling coach, Nick Trombetta and Ed Driscoll, head wrestling coach of Quigley Catholic High School.

Since its inception, "The Clash" has showcased some of the finest wrestling talent in the Tri-State Area.

OVAC 12    MAC 5

Series Records and Locations:


1988    OVAC 26    East Liverpool        PA 17

1989    OVAC 32    Quigley                  PA 12

1990    PA 30         East Liverpool       OVAC 19

1991    PA 35         Quigley                 OVAC 21

1992    PA 36         East Liverpool       OVAC 13

1993    OVAC 38    Quigley                  PA 18

1994    OVAC 35    East Liverpool        PA 19

2003    OVAC 45    South Side             PA 12

2004    OVAC 36    Brooke                   PA 12

2005    PA 41         Freedom                OVAC 18

2006    OVAC 40    Buckeye Local        PA 24

2007    OVAC 33    West Allegheny       PA 26

2008    OVAC 41    East Liverpool        PA 12

2009    OVAC 51     Hopewell               PA 16

2010    OVAC 31    Steubenville            PA 26

2011    PA 29        Hopewell                OVAC 27

2012    OVAC 41     Wheeling Park        PA 24




                     OVAC                                             MAC

1988      Rich Burlenski (Bpt.)              Justin Waters (W. Allegheny)

1989      Troy Keith (Meadowbrook)        Ryan Sella (Avella)

1990      Jon Jones (Cadiz)                    Ray Brinzer (N. Allegheny)

1991      Joey Jerrome (WP)                 Gino Frank (Quigley)

1992      No Record                                No Record

1993      Jeremy Wilkinson (Camb.)    Taki Miller (Moon)

1994      No Record                                No Record

2003      Phil Bliss (Brooke)                  Kerry Regner (Blackhawk)

2004      Jesse Emery (Har. Cent.)       Kurt Brenner (Freedom)

2005      Tim Cumpston (Cameron)     Damian Rose (Freedom)

2006      Bob Schuler (St. C.)                Dustin Brodmerkel (Southside)

2007      James Myers (Indian Cr.)      Corey James (W. Allegheny)

2008      Andy Stine (Edison)                Dom Demoore (Southside)

2009      Dirk Bauer (WP)                     Mitch Spencer (Avella)

2010      Preston Foster (EL)                Matt Hundenski (Hopewell)

2011      Dave Shlieper (Cameron)       Dave Demor (Southside)

2012 Shawn McGhee (Steubenville)    Carl Kelly (Greensburg Salem)

(Compiled by Dick Wolf and Dr. Bill Welker)


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