04-05 State Placers 44 O.V.A.C. State Placers in 2005



2nd: Ethan Dray, Oak Glen Fr 27- 12

1st: Ronnell Green, Wheeling Park So 38- 5

3rd: Daniel Felton, Brooke So 42- 5

8th: Marvin Benson, Byesville Meadowbrook

6th: Jimmy Reisz, Beallsville



4th: Stephen Jewell, Wheeling Park So 33- 8

5th: Anthony Duffield, East Liverpool



1st: Tim Cumpston, Cameron Sr 42- 5

2nd: Brandon Davis, Oak Glen Jr 32- 12

2nd: Abbie Rush, Wheeling Park Jr 46- 4

6th: James McFarland, Brooke Fr 32- 19



2nd: Brandon Miller, Oak Glen Sr 41- 3

1st: Ron Green, Wheeling Park Jr 44- 1

3rd: Willie Saxton, Rayland Buckeye Local



4th: Zach Basich, Wheeling Central Fr 39- 6

6th: Dirk Baker, Oak Glen Jr 28- 16

4th: Michael Nicola, Bellaire St. John

8th: David Bortz, Steubenville Cath. Cent.



5th: Zack Six, Oak Glen Fr 22- 34

5th: Lee Doyle, John Marshall Sr 34- 13

2nd: Justin Seebach, Caldwell



1st: Jessie Mahan, Oak Glen Jr 40- 6

2nd: Grant Hoppel, Col. St. Francis

6th: Clay Tucker, Martins Ferry



2nd: Jeff Pettit, Cameron Jr 45- 6

3rd: Zack Schuller, Rayland Buckeye Local

8th: Brad Brooks, Cadiz Harrison Central



1st: Jeff Cumpston, Cameron Sr 32- 1

4th: Cody Miller, Oak Glen Fr 31- 15

5th: Junior Yost, Tyler Consolidated Jr 29- 6

1st: Dustin Richey, John Marshall Sr 43- 1

6th: Bud Hines, Barnesville

7th: Luke Warren, Martins Ferry



1st: Rhett Northcraft, Oak Glen Jr 38- 3

3rd: Dana Davis, Brooke Sr 47- 4



2nd: David Foltz, Oak Glen Sr 38- 8

4th: Shawn Simmons, John Marshall Sr 29- 17



1st: Chris Stevens, Oak Glen Sr 38- 5

2nd: Chas Yoder, Martins Ferry



1st: Cody Potts, Oak Glen Sr 43- 0

3rd: Steven Blake, Cameron Sr 33- 11

4th: Devin Dulaney, Brooke Sr 32- 11



5th: Bryan Rowland, Oak Glen Jr 17- 15

1st: Kevin Staub, Wheeling Park Sr 39- 4








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