OVAC State Placers


Grade School Placers:

Div I 45 Saccoccia-k, Brody - NL 2nd

Div III 55 Kish, Koen - St.C 2nd

Div II 58 Ours, Logan - Well Champion

Div II 65 Ferguson, Aaron - NL Champion

Div IV 75 Hubbard, Jashon - NL Champion

Div IV 100 Hoover, Dalton - TS 5th

Div IV 130 Walker, Kyle - ELP 4th

Div II 58 Hoover, Trey - TS 8th

Div IV 80 Rice, Anthony - NL 6th

Div III 68 McComas, Cole - Beav 4th

Div III 85 Clouse, Brylan - NL 4th

Div III 100 Smith, Beau - ELP 7th

Div II 70 Gray, Isaac - NL 7th




Jr. High State Placers:

74 Jashon Hubbard NL 5th

96 Tariq Wilson - NL 4th

96 Gregory Quinn- Shad 5th

154 Matthew McFarland - UL 2nd



Grade School Placers:

Div I 40 Eric Williams East Liverpool 2nd

Div II 50 Trey Hoover Martins Ferry 4th

Div II 55 Howard Williams East Liverpool Champion

Div II 55 Logan Ours Wellsville 5th

Div II 58 Aaron Ferguson Next Level 3rd

Div II 61 Logan Krulik Wellsville 5th

Div II 65 Logan Bennett East Liverpool 5th

D II 75 Alex Meade Shenandoah 4th

Div II 120 Skylor Wooley East Liverpool Champion

Div III 68 Jashon Hubbard Next Level Champion

Div III 71 Anthony Rice Next Level 3rd

Div IV 70 Tommy Curtin Shadyside 6th

Div IV 95 Josh Kahl Shadyside 7th




Jr. High State Placers:

Mays, Trent Steubenville 138 2nd place

Brown, Devin Smittys 96 3rd place

Bodkin, Jonathan Martins Ferry 249 3rd place

Hasson, Daniel Beaver Local 102 5th place

Bloor, Seth Smittys 209 5th place

Quinn, Gregory Shadyside 78 6th place

Hunter Pizzino Harrison Central 114 6th place

Hickenbottom, Logan Cambridge 138 8th place




Jr. High OVAC Placers:


Grade School OVAC Placers:

50 Logan Ours Wellsville Champion

70 Brylan Clouse Shadyside Runner-up

65 JaShon Hubbard Steubenville 3rd

100 Jesse Hubbard Steubenville 3rd

45 Trey Hoover Martins Ferry 4th

115 Luke Fogle Steubenville 5th

65 Tommy Curtin Shadyside 6th

65 Gregory Quinn Shadyside 6th

115 Matthew Mcfarland Union Local 6th

55 Aaron Ferguson Steubenville 7th

40 Eric Williams East Liverpool 7th

90 Dalton Hoover Martins Ferry 7th

60 Seveone Mayo Steubenville 8th




Jr. High OVAC State Placers:


Chase Kinemond Shadyside 114 4th

Kale Rayner Caldwell 152 4th

Cade Sigler Union Local 152 8th



Grade School OVAC State Placers:


Trent Mays D4 95 Steubenville Champion


Howard Williams D1 45 East Liverpool Champion


Jahson Griffith D1 75 Woodsfield 2nd


Jashon Hubbard D2 60 Steubenville 2nd


River Pappas D2 105 Edison 2nd


Anthony Rice D2 60 Steubenville 4th


Daniel Hasson D4 80 Beaver Local 4th


Logan Ours D1 45 Wellsville 6th

Brylan Clouse D2 60 Shadyside 6th


Jesse Hubbard D3 85 Steubenville 6th


Tommy Curtin D3 60 Shadyside 7th


Tariq Wilson D3 70 Steubenville 7th

Eli Petho D2 65 Shadyside 8th

Liam Quigley D3 100 Steubenville 8th

Gregory Quinn D4 65 Shadyside 8th

Logan Hickenbottom D4 100 Cambridge 8th


Alex Quinn and Chase Kinemond wrestled last weekend at the USAW middle school national duals. They were both named All-Americans and went 4-3 against the some of the best competition in the nation.


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