05-06 State Placers

Congratulations to all 46 OVAC State Placers!!!




2nd: Nick Taylor, Wheeling Park Fr 34- 12

3rd: Ryan Asbury, Oak Glen Fr 35- 10



1st: Ronnell Green, Wheeling Park Jr 42- 3

2nd: Ethan Dray, Oak Glen So 35- 7

4th: Daniel Felton, Brooke Jr 37- 10

8th: Paul Rose, Cambridge So



4th: Stephen Jewell, Wheeling Park Jr 36- 8

6th: Troy Eckleberry, Oak Glen Fr 29- 16

6th: Dustin Daugherty, Cambridge Sr



2nd: Abbie Rush, Wheeling Park Sr 46- 3

3rd: James McFarland, Brooke So 41- 8

6th: Chase Clark, Belmont Union Local So



1st:  Willie Saxton, Rayland Buckeye Local Sr

1st: Ronnie Green, Wheeling Park Sr 46- 4

2nd: Zachery Basich, Wheeling Central So 26- 11

6th: Tyler Cumpston, Cameron Jr 26- 13

8th: Derek Caudill, Lisbon Beaver Sr



1st: Joe Skoff, Bellaire St. John Central Sr

1st: Bruce Kennedy, Wheeling Park Sr 40- 11

2nd: Dirk Baker, Oak Glen Sr 27- 12



1st: Jessie Mahan, Oak Glen Sr 41- 2

2nd: James Myers, Wintersville Indian Creek Jr

3rd: Justin Seebach, Caldwell Sr

4th: Ronnie Nelson, Wheeling Park Sr 37- 16

7th: Kayne Melko, Bellaire St. John Central Sr



2nd: Mick Nicola, Bellaire St. John Central Sr

2nd: Brandon Richey, John Marshall Jr 39- 10

4th: Zack Six, Oak Glen So 11- 12

6th: Zack Schuller, St. Clairsville Sr



3rd: Jeff Pettit, Cameron Sr 36- 3

6th: Cody Miller, Oak Glen So 32- 8



1st: Rhett Northcraft, Oak Glen Sr 34- 2

4th: Sean Neff, Tyler Consolidated Sr 22- 11

2nd: Dusty Hill, Wheeling Park Jr 44- 6

8th: Bud Hines, Barnesville 5-3 Sr



3rd: T.J. Osbon, Oak Glen Jr 32- 12

5th: Branko Busick, Weir Fr 31- 8

4th: Adam Gibson, Wheeling Park Sr 37- 8



5th: Josh Greathouse, Oak Glen Sr 41- 5

6th: Brandon Rickman, John Marshall Jr 38- 16



1st: Bryan Rowland, Oak Glen Sr 39- 6

2nd: John Horn, Sarahsville Shenandoah Sr

2nd: Taylor Potts, John Marshall So 41- 14

5th: Pat Reasbeck, Wheeling Central Sr 28- 15



5th: John Nicolozakes, Cambridge Jr

7th: Ralph Petrella, Steubenville Sr

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