Mr. Mat


1976    George Kovalick    Bellaire Athletic Director

1977    Bill Van Horne    Sports Editor, Wheeling News Register

1978    John Vrotsos    Martins Ferry High School

1979    Richard Edge    Principal, Springfield High

1980    George Wally    John Marshall Athletic Director

1981    Bob Hedmond    Steubenville Athletic Director

1982    Paul Crago    Marshall County Schools

1983    Dr. Vincent Monseau    WLSC

1984    Bill Hinegardner    John Marshall High School

1985    Dennis Bowman    Bellaire High School

1986    Ronald Mauck    Brooke High School

1987    Eric Carder    Wheeling Park High School

1988    Dave Kovalick    Barnesville High School

1989    Steve Kish    Principal Bellaire High School

1990    Carl Fodor    Hancock County Schools

1991    Dr. William Welker    Warwood Middle School

1992    Larry Deaton    Martins Ferry

1993    John Stephehson    Cadiz High School

1994    Joe Bates    Woodsfield High School

1995    Bob Burney    Martins Ferry High School

1996    Larry Chambers    Moundsville Jr. High

1997    Gary Davis    Beallsville High School

1998    Cal Pokas    Martins Ferry Time Leader

1999    Tom Lackman    Jefferson Union

2000    Ed "Buzzy" Evans    Wheeling Park High School

2001    William McEldowney    Wheeling

2002    John Craig    Indian Creek High School

2003    Ed Dugas    John Marshall High School

2004    Jeff Oberdick    Martins Ferry High School

2005    Dan Doyle    Superintendent Noble County Schools

2006    Nolan Van Gilder    Brooke High School

2007    Rick Link    Union Local Schools

2008    Jim Potts    Cameron High School

2009    Bud Billiard    Brooke High School

2010    Jeff Carroll    Cadiz High School

2011    Rich Gregor    Edison High School




OVAC "Mr. Mat" award winners

1976 -- George Kovalick (Founder: 7 OVAC Champs/í59 State Champs from Bridgeport, Ohio & Bobby Douglasís Coach)
1977 -- Bill Van Horne (Dean of OVAC Wrestling writers --Whg. N-R)
1978 -- John "Corky" Vrotsos (7 OVAC Championships)
1979 -- Dick Edge (Ohio County Schools Wrestling Pioneer)
1980 -- George Walley (OVAC Tournament Director during early 1970s)
1981 -- Bob Hedmond (OVAC Tournament Director during late 1970s)
1982 -- Paul Crago (Marshall County Schools Wrestling Pioneer)
1983 -- Dr. Vince Monseau (WLSC Wrestling Coach/NAIA Hall of Fame)
1984 -- Bill Hinegardner (OVAC Coach of Year/4 State Champ Teams)
1985 -- Dennis Bowman (Author-- 50 Years of OVAC Wrestling)
1986 -- Ronald Mauck (OVAC Tourn. Director & Innovator since 1980)
1987 -- Eric Carder (3 OVAC Team Champs & 4 WV State Champ Teams)
1988 -- Dave Kovalick (OVAC Coach of Year -- Barnesville H. S.)
1989 -- Steve Kish (Outstanding Coach & Official -- Martins Ferry, Ohio)
1990 -- Carl Fodor (Hancock County Schools Wrestling Pioneer)
1991 -- Dr. William Welker (Wrestler, Coach, Official, Writer & Speaker)
1992 -- Larry Deaton (OVAC, WV & Ohio State Official since 1964)
1993 -- John Stephenson (Cadiz, Ohio Wrestling Pioneer/OVAC Champs)
1994 -- Joe Bates (Bellaire St. Johns, Ohio Wrestling Pioneer)
1995 -- Bob Bruney (Outstanding OVAC Wrestler, Coach & Official)
1996 -- Larry Chambers (Marshall County Junior High Coaching Icon)
1997 -- Gary Davis (Beallsville, Ohio Wrestling Pioneer)
1998 -- Cal Pokas (Outstanding Wrestling Writer for Martins Ferry T-L)
1999 -- Tom Lackman (Jefferson Union High School Wrestling Pioneer)
2000 -- Edward "Buzz" Evans (2 OVAC & WV State Team Champs)
2001 -- William McEldowney (Wheeling, Father of Greater Wheeling area Smallfry Wrestling in the 1950s)
2002 -- John Craig (Steubenville High School Coach)
2003 -- Ed Dugas (Long time Coach at John Marshall)
2004 -- Jeff Oberdick (Martins Ferry High School Coach)
2005 -- Dan Doyle (former Jefferson Union and Buckeye Local Coach)
2006 -- Nolan Van Gilder (Brooke High School Coach)
2007 -- Rick Link (Long time Union Local Coach)
2008 -- Jim Potts (Long time Cameron Head Coach)
2009 -- Paul "Bud" Billiard
2010 -- Jeff Carroll

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