04-05 State Qualifiers

Congratulations to the 101 OVAC State Qualifiers!!!


Ohio State Qualifiers

Paul Rose, Cambridge, (9), 35-5

Marvin Benson, Byesville Meadowbrook, (12), 29-8

Anthony Duffield, East Liverpool, (12), 37-3

Derik Caudill, Lisbon Beaver, (11), 34-8

James Myers, Wintersville Indian Creek, (10), 36-6 (04:II-103-5th)

Willie Saxton, Rayland Buckeye Local, (11), 39-1

Robbie Martin, Wintersville Indian Creek, (12), 25-9

Sean Mahley, Cambridge, (10), 37-8

Shawn Dunn, Lisbon Beaver, (12), 34-6

Grant Hoppel, Columbus St. Francis DeSales, (12), 32-8

Brad Brooks, Cadiz Harrison Central, (11), 31-9

Zack Schuller, Rayland Buckeye Local, (11), 35-3 (04:II-140-6th)

Josh Cologie, Rayland Buckeye Local, (11), 29-14

Kyle Reeder, Lisbon Beaver, (10), 32-13

Bobby Scurlock, Cambridge, (11), 33-8

Maurice Hines, Wintersville Indian Creek, (11), 25-5

Ralph Petrella, Steubenville, (11), 39-9

Jared Border, Caldwell, (9), 29-11

Jimmy Reisz, Beallsville, (9), 38-4

Bobby Morris, Steubenville Catholic Central, (12), 35-11

Chaz Clark, Belmont Union Local, (11), 46-3

Derrick Holt, Martins Ferry, (9), 33-21

Torey Prickett, Woodsfield Monroe Central, (10), 29-16

Corey Lemaster, Caldwell, (12), 42-3 (04:III-112-5th)

David Bortz, Steubenville Catholic Central, (12), 29-10

Chad Ware, Martins Ferry, (11), 29-13

Michael Nicola, Bellaire St. John Central Catholic, (11), 40-1

Justin Seebach, Caldwell, (11), 39-4 (04:III-125-6th)

Joe Skoff, Bellaire St. John Central Catholic, (11), 27-2 (04:III-119-2nd)

Clay Tucker, Martins Ferry, (12), 36-1 (04:III-130-1st, 03:III-125-2nd, 02:III-103-4th)

Kayne Melko, Bellaire St. John Central Catholic, (11), 25-4

Bud Hines, Barnesville, (11), 35-9

Luke Warren, Martins Ferry, (12), 31-7

Kyle Smith, Barnesville, (12), 38-4

Jacob Zerkle, Sarahsville Shenandoah, (12), 32-9

Jason Wright, Hannibal River, (12), 42-7

Corey Archer, Caldwell, (12), 36-9

Chas Yoder, Martins Ferry, (12), 35-0 (03:III-171-6th)

John Horn, Sarahsville Shenandoah, (11), 41-7

Lucas Michel, Sarahsville Shenandoah, (12), 44-4


West Virginian State Qualifiers

Ethan Dray Oak Glen FR 24-11

Ethan King Magnolia FR 17-21

Julian Yost Tyler Consolidated FR 24-16

Tim Cumpston Cameron SR 38-5

Brandon Davis Oak Glen JR 29-11

Brandon Miller Oak Glen SR 38-2

Donald Peck Tyler Consolidated SO 25-19

Zach Basich Wheeling Central FR 36-4

Kelly Hughes Cameron SR 27-12

Dirk Baker Oak Glen JR 26-13

Zach Six Oak Glen FR 19-12

Doug Pell Wheeling Central SO 15-19

Tyler Cumpston Cameron SO 18-21

Jessie Mahan Oak Glen JR 36-6

Adam Weekly Tyler Consolidated JR 28-12

Jeff Pettit Cameron JR 42-5

Joel Timmons Oak Glen JR 22-15

Isaiah Richie Tyler Consolidated JR 21-3

Jeff Cumpston Cameron SR 28-1

Cody Miller Oak Glen FR 28-13

David Gianessi Weir JR 26-7

Junior Yost Tyler Consolidated JR 25-4

Rhett Northcraft Oak Glen JR 34-3

Adam Cooper Cameron JR 31-11

Sean Neff Tyler Consolidated JR 23-17

David Foltz Oak Glen SR 35-7

Steven Blake Cameron SR 29-10

Scott Wade Magnolia SR 22-12

Chris Lyons Cameron SO 23-13

Holden Roberts Tyler Consolidated JR 31-14

Samson Gianessi Weir SO 20-12

Cody Potts Oak Glen SR 39-0

Chris Stevens Oak Glen SR 34-5

Justin Pernell Weir SR 8-3

Ronnie Stevens Tyler Consolidated SR 30-10

Bryan Rowland Oak Glen JR 14-13

Dan Dishman Cameron SO 25-14

Andrew Kile Tyler Consolidated SO 28-15

Derrick Adams Magnolia FR 16-17

Ronnell Green (Wheeling Park)

Daniel Felton (Brooke)

Stephen Jewell (Wheeling Park)

K.J. McLaughlin (Brooke)

Dustin Richey (John Marshall)

Abbie Rush (Wheeling Park)

James McFarland (Brooke)

P.J. Thomas (John Marshall)

Dana Davis (Brooke)

Dusty Hill (Wheeling Park)

Ron Green (Wheeling Park)

Logan Hartle (John Marshall)

Shawn Simmons (John Marshall)

Adam Gibson (Wheeling Park)

Jarrod Shaw (Brooke)

Nathan Loughran (Brooke)

Tom Kettlewell (Wheeling Park)

Lee Doyle (John Marshall)

Devin Dulaney (Brooke)

Taylor Potts (John Marshall)

Seth Skrypek (John Marshall)

Kevin Staub (Wheeling Park)

Nelson Hooker (John Marshall)


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